Business in war-torn Libya: Yummy food delivery app launched

10/31/2018 7:04:00 AM

In war-torn Lybia, the entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive. 21-year old Fatima Nasser has launched her food delivery app Yummy, that empowers thousands of local female businesswomen.  

Yummy boosts business for women who – due to religious and cultural rules – cannot communicate or work directly with men that are not their husband or family. To hundreds of these female home cooks and bakers, the app works as the in-between party. 

The food delivery app delivers homemade meals cooked by women in their own kitchens. Nasser has trialled the service successfully in her home city Sabha (Soutwest Lybia). About 300 cooks are ready to start work when the app launches in Libya's large city Benghazi and in the capital Tripoli. 

On CNN/AfricanExponent, Nasser explained that the armed conflicts in her country awoke the entrepreneur in her. "The war and its consequences on the Libyan economy... did somehow push me into aspiring to be an entrepreneur." 

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