Cape Verde to go 100% renewable in ten years

2/28/2018 12:35:21 PM

Cape Verde, a small island nation off Africa’s northwest coast, aims high for renewable energy. It has pledged that it will run on 100% renewable energy in less than a decade from now.

The nation of Cape Verde, Quartz reports, has a very bold energy target. From 2025 on, it wants to obtain all of its electricity from renewable resources. The island nation, that consists of 10 islands, offers access to electricity for its 550,000 residents, but about one-third still rely on firewood and charcoal for cooking.

Electricity on the islands is expensive. Although most of it is produced by generators, which run on imported petroleum products, Cape Verde has started to diversify its energy portfolio. A quarter is now provided by renewable sources. Cape Verde is looking into diverse systems. One system is based on solar, wind and energy storage (as batteries and pumped hydropower). It can use wind resources like Morocco, the solar potential of the Sahel, geothermal resources like Kenya, and marine energy comparable to many coastal countries.

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