Construction one step closer: Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline

Construction of the Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline has come one step closer, as geophysical and geological studies in Tanzania have been completed.  

The new 60-centimeter diameter pipeline between Hoima in Uganda and the Tanzanian Port of Tanga will be 1400 kilometers long; construction will cost about €3.4 billion. According to Africa Investor, the pipeline will be heated to make the crude oil flow. 

When finished, the new pipeline will deliver crude oil to Tanzania from Uganda, that has the fourth largest reserves of crude oil in Africa, behind Nigeria, Angola and South Sudan. The proven reserves are estimated to be 6.5 billion barrels a day. 

In an early phase of negotiations, Kenya lobbied to build the pipeline through its country to the port town of Lamu. Since Kenya has found crude in Lokichar, the country decided to build its own infrastructure. 

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