Electric motorcycles are hot in Rwanda

Electric motorcycles are hot in Rwanda

In its efforts to protect the environment and to cut fuel costs, Rwanda has launched a program to promote electric motorcycles in the moto-taxi business. The first ten electric motor cycles are already running on Kigali’s roads, but more than 600 are currently being built by local start-up Ampersand.

Replacing fuel motorcycles by the alternative makes sense and not just as an attempt to cut down the use of fossil fuels. Electric motorcycles have less chance of breaking down, as they have no chains or drum brakes and require less maintenance. Moto taxi operators like the new product because the cost of purchase, that is lower that fuel motorcycles. Also, electric motorcycles are quiet, which enables clients to make phone calls during the ride to their destination.

The motor cycles get their power from two charging stations in Kigali. A moto-taxi driver can bring an exhausted battery to take a charged one, which runs for 70 kilometers (43 miles), VIA News reports, adding that the price for recharging an electric vehicle is equal to the cost of the fuel for traditional cycles.

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