Electric taxis in Nairobi

EkoRent Nopia Ride, a Finnish taxi-hailing company, is operating electric taxis in Nairobi. Kenya capital is the first city in East Africa to offer electric taxi services.  

For bookings, the company the book-a-ride-and-pay formula that is similar to the ones that Uber and Taxify use, via an app that can be downloaded.  

The East African reports that the new electric taxi hailing company is offering more than zero-emission rides. EkoRent Nopia Ride promises its drivers higher profits in a time of fuel price increases that make the taxi business less profitable. In the pilot phase, the company is operating two charging stations for its electric cars, at zero cost to the taxi drivers.  

According to the company, this will enable drivers to save more than 50 per cent on costs. Passengers will enjoy low fares while the drivers can still make a living. Drivers can purchase the electric vehicles from the firm and use the firm’s charging stations. The company is hoping to increase the total number of electric cars it operates in Nairobi to 300 vehicles by the end of 2019. 

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