Google: online digital skills training portal for Africa

Since the launch of its Digital Skills Africa program in April, Google has trained over 500,000 young Africans. At the launch, Google committed to train one million people across the continent on digital skills within a year. Google has also launched an online training portal for Africa, offering 89 courses in three languages.

The training portal intends make its free digital skills training program available across the continent for people who are unable to attend face-to-face training sessions and who want to acquire digital skills in their own time, from their phone or computer. The program offers courses on a wide range of digital subjects, including web analytics, social media management and mobile marketing. The courses will be available in English, French and, in the near future, Portuguese.

According to BizCommunity, Google says it is aiming to provide the skills needed to help African economies take advantage of the digital era and of its opportunities. With the digital skills acquired in the online courses, Africans can either start their own internet businesses, or gain employment. By equipping young people with these skills, they can go into these businesses and help to raise the business’ web presence and grow.

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