Humbrella to light up Africa

7/2/2018 2:36:33 PM

Hanergy Group, China’s thin-film solar power generation enterprise, has launched a solar powered umbrella to power and light up Africa. The Humbrella converts sunshine and stores 4000 mAh of electricity, ensuring a 10 hour high quality reading time for children.

With 880 million people living in insufficient electricity, power shortage has become an important factor that restricts the development of Africa. The 2.7 meters wide and 8.8 kg heavy Humbrella, is built to help solve part of this problem, combining the world’s highest conversion efficiency thin-films solar panels with the common umbrella.

The Chinese have pledged to roll out over one million Yuan (€132,000) worth of Humbrellas to children in Africa within the next two months. The Humbrella is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution that is intended to light up African villages. The Humbrella can store power for reading lights, but users can also charge more than ten smartphones and offers four USB ports on the shaft that can be used to plug in lamps, small fans and electric insect repellants.

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