Laki Laki Kenya: dairy entrepreneurship for a good cause

One thing did not change in all those years, since the first time we met JoostLaki Laki is a CSR initiative that supports several good causes in Kenya, such as an orphanage in Thika. In the first pioneering years, Laki Laki yoghurt was made from the milk of the Thika orphanage cows. As Joost explained at that time: The milk comes from an orphanage that keeps cows as a source of income. The profit we make will be invested in more cows. The more drinks we sell, the more cows we can buy, the more orphans we can help to get a better life. Each cow gives 40 children a better life.” 

Professional supplier 

With Laki Laki production going up and the business developing in the right direction, Timpers had to look for a more robust supplier of top-quality milk. “We are now getting our fresh milk from Risa Farm, a professional large-scale dairy farm in Limuru”, Joost proudly announces. 

Laki Laki has created itself a firm business base, in many senses. First, the product range has been expanded. Yoghurt is still the main item, with the yoghurt drinks as the company’s best-known product, available in a beautifully styled 120 ml PET-bottle as well as in a 5-litre jar. When the business started, strawberry was the main variety – now there are also natural, vanilla and goji berry probiotic varieties.  

Other yoghurt styles 

Joost, who now runs the business with his wife Karin, also decided to offer other yoghurt styles. “In the past months we worked hard on finetuning our greek-style yoghurt”, Joost explains. “The response of the chefs we consulted is better than we had ever imaginedWe recently welcomed three new hotels in Kenya who took our greek-style for their breakfast buffet. What a breakthrough!” The thick, full cream yoghurt (without sugar) comes in three flavoursnatural, blueberry and mango-passion. For its hotel customers Laki Laki packages the Greek yoghurt in a tray of 12 100 ml cups and 1-litre and 5-litre buckets 

The 5-litre buckets are a novelty as well. Joost: “Customers are asking us more and more how 'green' we are with our packaging and if we recycle or even re-use or packaging. We started out by re-using our 5-liter buckets which contains our greek yoghurt in bulk. More steps will follow certainly. 

Next step: cheese 

The yoghurt assortment has secured a corner in the market. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Timpers decided to go one step further. He started to experiment with Dutch-style (Gouda) cheeses, in different varieties.  

The Laki Laki brand now has a firm base in Kenya. On its website, Laki Laki proudly features its hotel customers, from Hilton Nairobi to Fairmont Kenya, Mövenpick Hotel, Tamarind Tree Hotel, Dusit2 Nairobi, safari lodges such as The Safari Collection, AndBeyondTimpers did not stop there, as he wanted other businesses and consumers to also enjoy his dairy products: Laki Laki also offers home delivery for a small fee, or for free when orders of 2,000 Kenyan Shillings and over.  

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