m-Gurush mobile money transfer launched in South Sudan

m-Gurush mobile money transfer launched in South Sudan

Mobile money transfers are part of life in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, but not in South Sudan. Following the example of M-Pesa elsewhere in Africa, South Sudan now has m-Gurush. The new service allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money and pay for goods and services across Sudan with their mobile phones.

The service comes with a key promise of making life easier and better for the customer by giving the people of South Sudan population the ability to send and receive money on their mobile phones in a fast, safe and easy manner.

One of the first m-Gurush users in South Sudan is Guto Samuel Duku, a boda-boda rider in Juba. He has chosen to use m-Gurush as his mobile wallet to safely save his business earnings. “He is all smiles today after depositing 1,000 South Sudan Pounds”, a m-Gurush Facebook post proudly announces. Duku’s operation is one of many small businesses in South Sudan that have embraced the new mobile phone-based money transfer service of M-Gurush.

Trinity and Zain cooperation

The launch of the service – that closely resembles well-known M-Pesa in other countries – is the result of a cooperation between local telecom operator Trinity Technologies and Zain, one of the leading mobile phone networks in the country. Trinity, specializing in the design and development of Innovative Financial Services, Online Transactions and Mobile Payment systems, has been granted license by the Central Bank of South Sudan and the National Communication Authority to roll-out Mobile Money and Electronic Payment Services in South Sudan.

Send and receive money

m-Gurush allows users to send money from wherever they are to any local network. They can also receive money anywhere and withdraw money from any m-Gurush agent countrywide. Users can also pay for utilities and any bill from 2,000+ registered retail merchants and agents – such as boda-boda riders Guto Samuel Duku. All agents are business entities authorized by Trinity Technologies Ltd to receive and pay out money withdrawn to customers on behalf of m-Gurush mobile money.

The m-Gurush organisation has high hopes for the future. “Our mobile money service will transform the financial service industry in the Republic of South Sudan by working directly with existing Telecommunications Companies operating within the country. m-Gurush plays an important role in the E-Money services industry by adding value into the financial services ecosystem of the country, transforming South Sudan into a modern cashless society.”

A bigger cause

Obviously, m-Gurush also serves a bigger cause. Joseph Arinaibwe, the M-Gurush deputy vice president, stated in a m-Gurush press release that the service will help the country enhance financial inclusion, an aspect that is key in reducing poverty and attaining desired inclusive economic growth.

"m-Gurush will integrate with banks in order to reach the unbanked and underserved and make financial transactions faster easier safer & more convenient", stated Ambrose Mou, Chief of Operations m-Gurush.

Faster transactions

And on a shorter term, m-Gurush promises to enhance faster transactions in the economy and create job opportunities for people. “Since it is hard to reach the local population in the countryside, mobile money will complement the formal banking services,” said Victor Omonmdi, a representative of the mobile company Zain.

Local businesses are quickly jumping the bandwagon. Local petrol station operator Trinity is already promoting m-Gurush among its local customers, with ads like: “Why pay more for fuel? Come to any Trinity Petrol Station near you and enjoy a 10 SSP discount for every litre of fuel when you pay through m-GURUSH. Register for m-GURUSH to enjoy the discount!”

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