Maplecroft for Africa: swift country risk analysis, better business decisions (1/2)

This is part 1 of a two-part series. In this article Dr Laurie fleshes out how Maplecroft provides multinational companies operating in Africa with the information they need to take informed strategic decisions on a short notice.

“If you were an executive at a multinational corporation attending a board meeting on Monday, and the board decided to explore opening up a manufacturing facility in Ethiopia, before the end of the week Maplecroft can deliver a 70-page in-depth country risk analysis report that tells you exactly what risks market entry would entail in your specific situation.” According to Dr Charles Laurie, Head of Africa at global risk analysis and business intelligence company Maplecroft, swift delivery of information is crucial to business in Africa.

Dr Charles Laurie is convinced that Maplecroft’s pace of delivery and its broad portfolio of country risk indices, makes the company stand out in the competitive market for risk analysis and business intelligence.

Actionable business intelligence

With a client portfolio of 400 multinational companies, Maplecroft has a high demand to keep up with. “Maplecroft gathers data from around the world and converts it into useful and actionable business intelligence”, says Charles. “Over time, we have built a portfolio of analytical expertise, risk indices and interactive maps that span all 197 countries, and includes over 200 risk considerations for every country. In combination with the expert risk analysis, Maplecroft’s indices inform choices on strategic investment decisions, market entry and supply chain analyses. Because our portfolio of indices is updated frequently, Maplecroft can consistently respond to client-specific requests with accurate data.”

Producing a country risk report on Angola

How is raw data converted into business intelligence? “If a client requests that we produce a country risk report that assesses, for example, Angola’s economic conditions because the customer is considering opening a local manufacturing facility, we begin with a team of individuals who are already very familiar with the business environment in Angola. We gather data from reliable sources such as the IMF and World Bank, and then supplement any gaps with our own data collection. We then perform rigorous analysis of these data in order to provide our clients with detailed insights into the political and socio-economic conditions in the country. Our final reports range in length from fifteen to 70 pages or more, depending on client needs. ”

Instantly available information

Maplecroft offers several types of reports, offering different levels of dedicated information. Standard reports are updated regularly for most countries, which means up-to-date information is instantly available should a client have an immediate need arising. Furthermore, the company houses a stand-alone unit that produces indices on a constant basis. Indices are used by corporations, multinational organisations, provincial governments, NGOs and aid organisations to inform their decision-making. Maplecroft also offers bespoke services, such as briefings, as well as pre-election monitors – currently produced for Mozambique, which has elections scheduled in October 2014 – and post-election assessments.

In part 2, Dr Charles Laurie will shed light on Africa’s economic growth results in 2014 and the positive contribution companies can make to a country’s overall economic performance.

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