Solar power – two faces of energy in North and Sub-Sahara Africa

3/8/2018 1:10:39 PM

While countries in sub-Sahara suffer from power shortage and blackouts, North African countries have made major progress in power generation. Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco have invested heavily in renewable energy projects – particularly solar power – and will soon be ready to export some of the new power to Europe.

Quartz reports on the two faces of energy in Africa. In sub-Sahara Africa, low access, poor reliability and high prices of electricity are troubling. Even economic giants like South Africa and Nigeria sometimes suffer from power shortages that hinder economic growth and frustrate the development of small and large businesses, as well as schools and hospitals.

In Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, there is a different story to tell. These countries use the power of the Saharan sun to bring down the cost of solar technology. Morocco is scaling up its effort for larger use, to enhance energy security, to create cleaner environments, and to boost the creation of new business opportunities. In Tunisia, the TuNur solar project will open a new, intercontinental energy corridor between north Africa and Europe by delivering power to homes in Italy and France.

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