South Africa: relaxing of visa rules

South Africa will change its immigration rules. One of the most important changes is that the country will have visa waiver agreements with more countries. Relaxing visa regulations is intended to boost investment and tourism in South Africa. 

Africa News reports that the visa changes are part of a broader economic turnaround programme to help South Africa overcome the economic crisis that it is in. 

Every year, 10 million international visitors travel to South Africa, including tourists, business travelers and investors. “Millions of jobs are sustained by the economic activity generated by these travelers”, Home Affairs minister Malusi Gigaba said.  

Visitors from India and China will have travel regulations relaxed; they are allowed to apply for 5-year multiple entry visas. Also, visa waiver agreements are being prepared for over a dozen countries across Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE. 

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