Strong growth forecasted for Kenya’s ICT industry

The forecast for Kenya’s ICT is extremely favourable. With strong support from the government, the ICT industry in the East African country may grow 20% by 2017. In 2014, this sector grew with an impressive 13.4%

BizTechAfrica reports that Dr Fred Matiangi, Cabinet Secretary in Kenya’s Ministry of ICT, released the 20% growth figure in a speech at the opening of the second edition of the ICT Week organized by the Communications Authority of Kenya. “We project that the sector should grow beyond 15% this year and approach the 20% mark by the year 2017.”

According to Dr Matiangi, Kenya’s president Kenyatta is personally committed to the ICT sector. “From his personal attention to innovation hubs, participation in the national ICT innovation conference to the directive that led to the establishment of Enterprise Kenya, President Kenyatta is keen, focused and determined that ICT will characterize his public service revolution.” The Kenyan government expects that by the end of the next financial year, over 60% of public sector services will be delivered electronically.

According to a Bloomberg report, the ICT sector is "a niche that could be worth more than one billion dollars to the country in the next three years.” “Kenya is throwing all their eggs in the tech basket as they build a multi-billion dollar infrastructure in the form of a ‘Techno City’ (also dubbed ‘Silicon Savannah’, ed.) that will support 200,000."

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