Tanzania and Rwanda will invest in airports

Tanzania and Rwanda are to invest in their airports. Tanzania secured a $272 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to build a new international airport at its administrative capital Dodoma. Rwanda will pour $1.3 billion in a new international airport that is to be built 25 kilometre southeast of its capital Kigali.

AfricaNews reports that several African countries, as well as the African Union have decided to prioritise infrastructure development as a means of integrating the continent and connecting people to markets.

Tanzania will build its new airport, with a capacity of 1 million passengers annually, in Msalato, 12 kilometres from Dodoma. The new airport and a high-speed railway are already under construction. The project will take four years to complete. Dodoma is to become increasingly important to the country, as the government has moved all its administrative functions to this city from the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Rwanda’s new international airport in the Bugesera district, southeast of Kigali, will be able to handle 7 million passengers a year in the first phase. A second phase, expected to be completed by 2032, would double capacity to 14 million passengers a year, AfricaNews reports.

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