Tech versus poaching in SA: 96 per cent less incidents

7/9/2018 9:03:12 AM

A high-tech pilot program to stop elephant and rhino poaching in South Africa has been so successful that it is now to be rolled out into Zambia, Kenya, and Mozambique. The ‘Connected Conservation’ project puts digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, digital workplace, and cybersecurity technology to work to stop poachers.

According to AfricaBusiness, Dimension Data and Cisco installed sophisticated technology in a private game reserve located next to Kruger National Park in South Africa. The intensified monitoring in the park reduced rhino poaching incidents by 96%. In 2017, no rhino in the reserve was poached. Monitoring human activities (like poaching) in wild parks is often difficult, as these reserves are in a remote location with basic IT infrastructure.

‘Connected Conservation’ utilizes fixed thermal cameras mounted on radio masts which creates a permanent, virtual barrier on the park’s perimeter. CCTV analytics will be deployed to create a virtual trip-line that automatically detects the movement of poachers. Outdoor Wi-Fi is mounted on radio masts so that handheld devices and thermal cameras used by the rangers and security teams can be viewed and shared, and staff on the ground will be able to connect and communicate without their conversations being intercepted by poachers.

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