Uber launches bus service in Cairo

In Cairo, Uber has launched a minibus service. Egypt is the first country in the world where the bus service was introduced.  

Customers can reserve a seat on an Uber Bus on the Uber app. The company promises "a clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality bus." Based on the reservations, the Uber apps ‘fills’ a bus with passengers going in the same direction, while offering as few stops as possible along the way. Customers share the cost, with prices are below what they would pay for a personal Uber ride. 

According to a Business Insider report, the service offering comes to a saturated Cairo market, notorious for its congestion. A market where minibuses are already a prominent part of the transport mix. The report suggests that launching the product in countries such as South Africa would likely cause problems, as “metered taxi drivers have violently attacked Uber drivers for encroaching on what they see as their turf” in South Africa. 

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