Wella Health: digital health in Nigeria

Finding the right doctor in the right hospital to treat your chronic disease in Nigeria can be a hard job that requires a lot of perseverance. This was why Ikpeme Neto founded Wella Health — a Nigeria-based digital health start-up that has been selected as one of the semi-finalists for the global GIST initiative’s technological innovation competition.

On Ventureburn.com, Ikpeme Neto explains how he started his venture in digital health, an area which McKinsey & Co said is worth about US$80-billion. Neto, a doctor in Australasia, went to his home country Nigeria to start Wella Health. In Nigeria, there was no central location where people could find useful information about healthcare providers at various locations.

Wella Health is a platform that helps track, manage and coordinate care for users and providers of healthcare. It aims to solve the problem of fragmented care particularly for people with chronic disease. Wella Health takes users’ health records and data and centralises them in the cloud. Neto: “We then use that data to provide personalised insights into better disease management and prevention of complications.” Users are also able to log in and track specific disease-related data such as blood pressure, blood sugar readings, kidney profiles and so on. Wella has also begun partnerships with some local labs to upload their results to the system so that patients are able to receive it electronically. Neto: “Ultimately the patients won’t have to do anything other than indicate they are on our platform and the provider is able to see all results and records and then add on whatever the outcome of the consultation is.”

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