West and East Africa seek trade

The governments of Kenya and Ghana are set to boost development and intra African trade between the countries. Co-operation and trade will be focusing on ICT, farming and tourism.

After the presidents of the two countries had concluded their talks earlier on, government officials are meeting in November to discuss formal arrangements to promote intra-African trade.

On CNBC Africa, James Ngomeli, Managing Director of Brands and Beyond, a communications strategy and implementation consultancy firm, said: “We see a lot of opportunity in the intra-trade between the two countries.  Ghana is mainly an import country and Kenya has a lot of talent.”

With recent initiatives to strengthen regional trade in East Africa neighbouring countries, Warren said these regimes should simplify things like implementing less complex documentation, and tax exemption for goods valued at less than 2000 dollars.

Ngomeli is optimistic about future Kenya-Ghana trade. “There are very good incentives, Ghana is waiting for us. There are tax incentives, there’s no visa to go to Ghana, and their goods are the same price as in Kenya.”

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In three years’ time, intra-African trade has increased by 50 per cent. The rise is the result of improved market access within Africa’s economic blocks.