Winners and losers in infrastructure index

Seychelles, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Mauritius, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Cape Verde and Botswana have scored high points in the Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) of 2016.

The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) is a rating by the African Development Bank based on key factors such as transport, electricity, ICT, water and sanitation. reports that the top winners in terms of rankings were Mali (gained 9 positions, owing to fast ICT growth), followed by Kenya and Mauritania (5 positions due to ICT and transportation improvements), Ghana (4 positions due to ICT growth), Nigeria (3 positions thanks to ICT growth), Gambia, Senegal, Tanzania, and Madagascar (2 positions each due to improvements in ICT, water supply & sanitation, and transport – the latter to a lesser.

The main losers were Zimbabwe (lost 5 positions, owing to slower growth in the sectors of transport and water supply & sanitation), followed by Burundi and Djibouti (4 positions owing to slow growth in ICT), and Lesotho (3 positions owing to slower growth in the power sector).

The ICT sector has driven the greatest improvements in the AIDI ratings over the past decade, compared to all other sectors. It is no coincidence that the top ten ranked countries in the latest AIDI were those with the highest growth in their ICT sectors.

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Image by US Army Africa from Vicenza, Italy (Uganda railways assessment 2010), via Wikimedia Commons

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