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Looking at the numbers, China’s economy seems to be slowing down. The data show that the country’s tailwind may have changed into a headwind. Business Insider has compiled a list of data and charts to explain what is happening. But Xinhua has found experts that refute the, what it calls “gloomy views from the west” on China's economic slowdown.

Business Insider mentions the disappointing manufacturing PMI data, showing an eight-month low February. New bank loans fell to 645 billion yuan in February missing expectations and falling from 1.32 trillion yuan the previous month. Industrial production growth slowed to 8.6% in the Jan-Feb period, from 9.7% in December, the lowest reading since April 2009.

Year-to-date fixed asset investment (FAI) growth slowed to 17.9% in the Jan-Feb period, down from 19.6% in December. Retail sales slowed to 11.8% growth in the Jan-Feb period, from 13.6% in December. Property sales slowed in the Jan-Feb period as well. Wei Yao, economist at Societe Generale, writes that this is just "the start of China's weak data season."

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