A fun list of things happening in China

Although we try to keep you up to date of what is going on in China, you may not be aware of these ‘fun facts’ about China. For example, did you know that the combined buying power of China’s consumers has exceeded that of the US?

A list, compiled by Bemasive, contains the following interesting facts.

-          China has more factories than the rest of the world

-          The number of Chinese people speaking English exceeds the number of people speaking English in the US

-          Out of 10 students who study abroad, 7 will not return to China.

-          In China, you can pay somebody to go to jail for you in some cases, if you can afford to pay for it

-          The most serious traffic jam in China lasted for 10 days and spanned 60 miles

-          It is estimated that the population in China will increase by 350 million by 2025.

-          In China, people take naps on IKEA bed displays in the store. Some store managers act against sleepers from time to time, others accept the practice

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