A great answer to pollution: a can of Canadian air for $14

If you are living in China’s air-polluted cities, you may long for some fresh air. A Canadian company is now successfully selling mountain air from the Rockies. It comes at a price: a single can goes for $14.

Citylab reports that high smog levels in Beijing and Shanghai have made the product of Troy Paquette and Moses Lam even more desirable. Their businesss - Vitality Air, launched in 2014 – sells the purest air found in the Rockies and Lake Louise in Banff. They fill canisters through clean compression, locking in the pure air without any contamination. A can of Vitality Air, containing about 150 sprays, sells easy to families, night clubs and senior homes.

Vitality Air’s first shipment of 500 bottles sold out in less than a week and 4,000 more are on their way. The business of selling clean air is not totally new to China. Earlier, a Chinese artist sold a glass jar of air from southern France last year for nearly $800.

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Vitality Air

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