Beijing rush hour is China’s busiest

On average, Beijing’s office workers travel 18.9 kilometres to office every day. It takes them about 50 minutes to get to the office. It is the longest car/public transport commute in all of China’s business cities.

In Guangzhou, the capital of southern Guangdong Province, the figure was 18km and 40 minutes. Shanghai Daily reports that local office workers travel 17.2 kilometres in 46 minutes on average to reach office every day, the third longest distance in China after Beijing and Guangzhou. The figures come from a report that was compiled by Baidu Map.

Among all the roads in China’s four busiest cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen – Guangzhou’s Zhongshan No. 6 Road had the slowest average car speed of 15.5km/h during office hours. The average car speed on busy roads in the four cities was around 20km per hour.

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