China’s quiet measure to reduce carbon emissions

China has issued new dietary guidelines that may help reduce carbon emissions in a drastic way. The instruction is – in short – to eat less meat. This measure could slash carbon emissions from livestock, says the Climate Nexus group, citing a report from WildAid.

Meat consumption in China is going up every year. According to Business Insider, Climate Nexus insists that if 1.3 billion Chinese people were to follow the guidelines, this would result in a 1.5 percent decrease of global emissions. “That’s like zeroing out Mexico’s carbon emissions every year”, the report on Business Insider says.

Beijing’s dietary guidelines say that the people of China should eat no more than 200 grams of meat and eggs a day. The government issued the guidelines as part of a campaign against obesity.

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Image by Taro Taylor from Sydney, Australia, via Wikimedia Commons

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