China’s top-performing car manufacturer: Hongqi

China’s leading sedan car brand Hongqi has produced exceptional sales results in the first three quarters of 2019. Sales of Hongqi sedan cars went up 217 pct in Jan.-Oct. totaling 75,520 cars.

Hongqi, Mandarin for ‘red flag’, is China's iconic sedan brand established in 1958. For the relatively old Chinese brand, October was an exceptional month: in these 31 days, the company sold 11,880 units of Hongqi sedans and SUVs, an increase of 188 percent year on year. Xinhuanet reports that the carmaker has set its 2019 sales target for Hongqi cars at 100,000 units.

Hongqi now sells six models including two sedans, two SUVs, an EV and a customized limousine, with more than 100 experience centers built in major Chinese cities.

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