Deloitte invests $200million in China

2/5/2018 1:23:22 PM

Deloitte announced a strategic investment program of US$200 million in China. The company is celebrating 100 years of presence in the nation and believes there is still a lot of potential for growth.

With the substantial investment, the professional services provider hopes to build a more innovative business model in China. China’s growth is generating more Fortune 500 companies.

Deloitte will spend $40 million to help Chinese companies participate in the Belt and Road Initiative on a global scale. This initiative is a development strategy proposed by China's leader Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries. Deloitte sees great opportunities in this plan, that has huge spinoffs in energy infrastructure, technology and industrial capacity. Deloitte expects it can support companies in understanding of the local political, economic and legal risks while participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. Its experts can guide companies to make their financing plans more diversified and efficient.

A large part of the $200-million investment is to support the digital transformation and innovation of Chinese companies. For this purpose, the Deloitte Greenhouse creative space was set up in Shanghai in February. Deloitte also established its Asia-Pacific blockchain lab in Hong Kong earlier this month.

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