Etiquette for Chinese tourists

The tourism business in many countries makes good profits on the growing numbers of Chinese tourists. In Asia Pacific, the behavior of large groups of Chinese has led to concerns. Reports of tourists wrecking corals, throwing rubbish into the sea and vandalizing heritage and defecating in public, have inspired tourist authorities to start an etiquette campaign.

TravelwireAsia reports on ‘the problem of misbehaving Chinese tourists’. It lists a number of incidents and measures in different countries. In 2016, Chinese tourists, armed with selfie sticks, appeared on Japanese TV clambering over Japan’s national symbol, the sakura (cherry blossom) tree, in an attempt to “get the best shot”. One kangaroo was killed and another injured at Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian Province when zoo-goers attempted to “make it jump”. The visitors had thrown rocks at the animals that were in an enclosure separated by fences.

China’s National Tourism agency has released a 64-page illustrated guide for how citizens should behave when they travel abroad. Thailand’s Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has warned Chinese tourists to behave while visiting Thailand. The Hokkaido (Japan) government has issued a booklet on bad manners aimed at Chinese.

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