Hebei to step up its actions to beat pollution

Hebei, China’s most polluting province, will increase its efforts to tackle smog. The province has pledged to double its actions to tackle hazardous pollution. The province is acting on an environment ministry report accusing the province of failing to toughen its position towards law-breaking industries.

According to official 2015 data, seven of China's 10 smoggiest cities were located in Hebei. The province, in which China’s capitol of Beijing is located, is responsible for about a quarter of China’s steel output as well as of the pollution from heavy industry. China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) reported that said steelmakers and coal-fired power generators in Hebei were violating state guidelines by continuing to expand, while deteriorating the environmental situation further.

According to a Reuters report, the Hebei government has stated that it will work to "put environmental protection in a more prominent position". The provincial government set up an implementation team to rectify the problems, to dismiss and punish local government officials responsible for illegal steel production and step up efforts to replace the consumption of coal with cleaner natural gas.

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Image by 显 龙, via Wikimedia Commons

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