Huisman Equipment: innovative drilling system for China’s CMHI offshore operation

Huisman Equipment: innovative drilling system for China’s CMHI offshore operation

Due to low oil prices, global investment levels in oil and gas exploration and production have long been at a low level. Now that activity is increasing, Huisman Equipment has launched a new, extremely efficient multi-purpose drilling system that may bring big changes to the industry. Huisman’s production facilities in Schiedam (The Netherlands) and Xiamen (China) will play a large role in the first delivery (mid 2020) to China Merchants Heavy Industries (CMHI) that will put the new drilling system to work in the South China Sea.

The new drilling system will be integrated and installed on a moored drilling semi-submersible constructed at CMHI Haimen. The drilling system consists of an eight by eight-meter closed 65-meter drilling tower that holds all necessary drilling equipment. The complete, multi-purpose top-site system is relatively easy to operate, adjust and maintain, with an increased safety concept. “With all the innovation and clever concepts aboard, this system allows contractors like CMHI to work 10 to 15 per cent more efficient than conventional systems with derricks. Our system will be used for oil and gas drilling activities in shallow to medium water depths all around Asia, particularly the South China Sea”, Huisman’s Project Manager André Rutten explains.

Multi-purpose tower

The installation is multi-purpose in the sense that operators can use it for drilling and for well interventions at new- and existing wells. Rutten: “The drilling system comprises of a Dual Multi Purpose Drilling Tower (DMPT), a single pipe setback drum, innovative manipulator arms for pipe and tool handling, top drive, iron roughnecks, skid carts, catwalk machines, gantry and deck cranes, drillers cabins and Huisman’s fully integrated control system. Engineering and testing of special equipment is to be done in Schiedam and manufacturing of all components in Huisman’s Czech and China facilities; commissioning of the completed DMPT and subsystems will take place at Huisman China prior to installation and testing on board of the semi-submersible at the yard.”

CMHI has awarded Huisman the contract for engineering and fabrication of the new innovative drilling system because it brings efficiency (and as a result: cost-cutting) at a crucial moment in time. With the expected increase of exploration and production activities worldwide, operators need new high-tech reliable, flexible, multi-purpose drilling systems that allow for cost-reduction and improved safety in an industry where competition is ultra-tough.

Solution to needs

The new Huisman drilling system offers all of the above. It is no surprise that it was this company that came up with the solution to the needs of the Chinese customer. Like no other company, Huisman Equipment, founded in 1929, has an impressive track record in the development of step changing technical solutions to world's leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables, leisure and civil industries. Working closely together with its production locations, such as Huisman China in Xiamen, the company develops and produces cranes, pipelay equipment, drilling equipment, winches, vessel designs and special projects. products vary from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems; from concept to installation and life time support.

Cooperation in concept design

Huisman and CMHI worked closely together during concept design. At the cutting ceremony of the drilling system at Huisman China in Xiamen, Mr. Liang Guoming, Director of Project and Research Center CMHI, expressed his appreciation for Huisman’s innovative approach: “Huisman is an unrivalled innovator and leader in the marine equipment industry. It is well known for its commitment to provide innovative, efficient and reliable equipment solutions to the end-clients. Having been in various discussions with Huisman over the past on the design and engineering of our drilling system and offshore cranes, I can testify to it”.

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