‘Hybrid sea rice’ may save Chinese farmers

A new type of rice has been developed that can be grown in the saline and alkali rich areas of China. The hybrid sea rice can survive in the salty regions in which Chinese farmers have a hard time surviving.

Saline and alkaline land covers a total of 100 million hectares across the country, mainly in northern China as well as in coastal areas. The soil is unsuitable for growing several crops, which explains the poverty of many farmers in these regions.

The newly developed ‘sea rice’ may bring change. The inventor, professor Yuan Longpin, aims to introduce hybrid sea rice to large pieces of land within the next three years, with a harvest of 500 kilograms of hybrid rice 667 square meters. There will be a road-map of pilot test fields of saline-alkali tolerant rice across six Chinese provinces.

People’s Daily reports that Longpin’s team will cooperate with Rural Taobao to spread sea rice to a wider audience in an e-commerce poverty alleviation scheme. Alibaba will integrate the resources to provide aid in standardization, branding, big data, logistics and finance to local produce.

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