Novelty in China: luxury retirement village

7/14/2017 3:09:14 PM

In Shanghai’s Minhang District, a new and relatively rare type of retirement community has opened: a luxury, high-end and very expensive old folks home.

With the Chinese population ageing, there is a growing need for good retirement solutions. As many elderly Chinese only have one child that may not be able – or prepared – to take care of them, retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular.

The first group of 100 wealthy elderly residents has moved to the luxury Ney Sublime Senior Living facility. It is extremely expensive to live here, as a 43-square-meter unit rents for 20,000 yuan (€2,703) a month. Residents will also be charged a service fee of 7,000 yuan (€946) a month. The retirement community can accommodate up to 1,700 seniors, who enjoy barrier-free facilities, fingerprint locks in every apartment, theater and hobby classes and the support of nutritionists that can recommend appropriate diets.

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