Oppo’s 3D camera steps up competition smartphones

Oppo, one of China’s fast-growing challengers in the global smartphone industry, is stepping up the competition. The company’s latest smartphone models boast 3D camera tech, integrating AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence).

Oppo is now the world’s number five smartphone manufacturer, with a 8.6 percent market share globally. The Chinese company sold 39.4 million smartphones in the second quarter.

The company’s recently released R17 and R17 Pro models offer users new 3D technology, called ToF (Time of Flight), which is used in navigation and mapping. The new smartphones feature three cameras, including a ToF 3D stereo camera. The technology allows for much-wanted AI features such as 3D Portrait and AI beautification. The models feature a 6.4-inch screen and super-fast charging, which can charge 40 percent of the phone's battery capacity within just 10 minutes.

Shanghai Daily reports that a partnership with AutoNavi, China’s biggest navigation application, will lead to next tech steps such as AR navigation.

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