Pay VAT, become a prize winner

6/8/2018 8:25:56 AM

In Shanghai, paying taxes can make you a winner. In an effort by the local government to promote awareness about the importance of value-added taxes, the local tax office draws three tax payers that win large money prizes.

The Shanghai Office of the State Administration of Taxation has announced that the winner of this month’s draw won 400,000 yuan (US$63,538), two others 50,000 yuan each.

Shanghai daily reports that the draw is intended to make people insist on receiving value-added tax receipts for their spendings in the city. They can win money by scanning the code on receipts on WeChat and Alipay for first-round prizes of 5, 10 and 100 yuan, which can be claimed immediately.

All entries take part in the large draw at a later date. The lottery-like scheme was launched in December 2017.

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