PwC: China’s e-commerce retail sales up 21 percent

A PwC report estimates that China’s e-commerce retail sales will increase 21 percent from a year ago to €1.1 trillion, with overall retail sales growing by ‘only’ 9 percent. China's overall online retail transactions on Singles Day hit a record high of more than 300 billion yuan (€37.9 billion), according to China’s Ministry of Commerce. 

The report by Professional Services Network PwC among 22,000 online shoppers in 27 countries and regions shows that Chinese consumers are much more willing to share data and have high expectations they will receive a personalised experience because of it. 

China News reports that a total of 59 percent of the Chinese respondents said that it is OK to them when a retailer identifies that a consumer is nearby and sends personalised offers. Of the Chinese respondents 61 percent said that they are comfortable for a retailer to monitor their individual shopping patterns and purchases.  

This outcome is quite remarkable, as it is very different from the results in other countries, where consumers value their privacy more. Of the American respondents, only 29 percent and 34 percent agreed with the statements about monitoring individual consumers. 

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