Report: Chinese worry about elderly care

One of China’s growth markets is ‘elderly care’, as reported earlier on Club China. A news report by Shanghai Daily further supports the ‘elderly care’ business case, showing a severe shortage of homes for seniors in China.

Shanghai Daily reports about a study on public service quality, performed by the Shanghai Academy of Quality Management. The study is based on more than 7,000 questionnaires in 76 cities in six provinces and one municipality, data analysis and media information.

According to the study, many Chinese have concerns over having great difficulties in securing beds for seniors at care institutions, as well as lack of proper standard procedure for assessment. The report shows concerns over the fact that frail seniors who need care are not accepted at senior homes. Furthermore, elderly institutions and their employees are said to lack professional skills.

There is a great need for professional help for the elderly in Shanghai. The number of Shanghai residents aged 60 or over grew 7 percent last year to more than 4.1 million, or nearly 30 percent of all residents. They are set to surpass 6 million by 2025. As the population ages, vacancies in senior care facilities have become hard to find.

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Image byTom Thai from shanghai, china (Taiqi) via Wikimedia Commons

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