Second airport reflects Chengdu’s rising star

In Chengdu, construction of the Tianfu International Airport has started. After completion, Chengdu will be the only city in central and western China that has two international airports. It shows that Chengdu has become a hub for the economic development of central and southwestern China.

The new Chengdu Tianfu International Airport – total direct investment just under $11 billion – will help Chengdu accelerate in the construction of a comprehensive transport hub in China’s western areas. The Shanghai Daily reports that the new airport is designed to handle 40 million passengers each year and 700,000 tons of goods by 2025. Subsequent expansions will double the number of runways to six, allowing the airport to handle 90 million passengers annually.

The new airport will be connected to downtown Chengdu (distance: 50 km) by a highway, two speedways and two subway lines.

Chengdu currently has nearly 90 international air routes connecting the city with more than 70 overseas hubs around the world. Some 40-plus are regular direct flights covering important hub cities in North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Asia.

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