Self-service checkout in grocery store is cheaper

Two grocery stores in Beijing and in the eastern city of Hangzhou have conducted a one-day test with unmanned checkouts. The results with self-checkout – unique in China – were both good and bad.

Xinhua reports that the unmanned checkout worked fine, but one out of every five customers could not resist the temptation – they ‘forgot’ to pay.

In downtown Hangzhou a QR code and guidance were placed in a cashier-free outlet of the Vanguard supermarket chain. Customers were invited to pay via mobile phone or put cash in an honesty box. The grocery store sold products worth 16,700 yuan (about €2,383) but only received payment of 13,700 yuan (€1,955) from customers.

In a Beijing's outlet of a convenience store chain, customers stole products or paid less.

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