Shanghai Tower gets the green certificate

Shanghai Tower, the new skyscraper that is to become the world’s second-highest building, has been awarded a Platinum-level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate. It is the first building of this size to ever receive this certificate, recognising the building’s use of green energy technologies.

The 632 meters, 127-story skyscraper that is still under construction will become the world’s second-highest building. Shanghai Daily reports that the US Green Building Council awarded the building with the certificate because of the many energy-saving concepts incorporated into the design. These will help save building management more over US$15.6 million a year, or 20 percent of the operational costs.

The ‘green skyscraper’ collects rainwater for use in its gardens, toilets and air-conditioning system. Rain is collected in tanks on the top floor of the building and flows down to a treatment plant on the 66th floor. The tower also has 270 wind power generators that can generate about 1,100 megawatts of electricity every year. The building has almost 700 square meters of trees and plants on the roof of the podium building, which helps to keep it cool in the summer. Inside there are more than 20 gardens, giving a significant green coverage throughout the building.

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Image by Ermell, via Wikimedia Commons

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