Shanghai’s best restaurants, bars, clubs

With so many great restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from in a big city like Shanghai, what businesses do regular visitors – people that know their way around town – regard as the best?

Reddit, a well-known social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, asked its users to vote for the best things to eat, drink, and do in Shanghai. They awarded the best businesses in 17 different categories. Be sure to take this list – published by BusinessInsider – on your next trip to Shanghai and check some of these places for yourself:

Best Chinese Restaurant: Lost Heaven

Best Asian Restaurant: Kebabs on the Grille

Best Street Food: chuanr

Best Western Food: Jean Georges

Best Pizza: New York Style Pizza

Best Burger: NY Steak and Burger

Best Brunch: Mr. Pancake House

Best Bar: Kaiba Tap House

Best Dive Bar: Perry's

Best Cocktails: Senator Saloon

Best Value Food/Drink Deal: Kaiba Tap House

Best Night Club: Bar 88

Best Late Night Food: chuanr

Best Live Music Venue: Yuyintang

Best Coffee: Cafe del Vulcan

Best Weekend Destination: Moganshan

The r/Shanghai "Hidden Gem Award": Mr. X

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