Study: Chinese consumers less positive about social media

A study by research firm Kantar has shown that many Chinese consumers feel less positive about social media. According to a recent poll, 64.7 per cent of Chinese web users felt social media’s impact is positive, a 12 per cent drop from the 76.8 per cent score of one year earlier.

To the experts who performed the study, the less positive attitudes may mean that to the Chinese consumer, the novelty of social media is wearing off. Another explanation may be that social media users find news reports about web addiction disturbing. Finally, social media platform are believed to offer lower-quality content. “Social media has penetrated into the lives of Chinese people and they now realize they are spending too much time on it,” said Sophie Shen, who led the Kantar poll. “At the same time, they are receiving more low-quality and duplicate content.” Reduced privacy, sleep deprivation and worsening eye-sight were other concerns.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal China’s government has gradually tightened control over social media platforms. Beijing has also set new rules requiring real-name registration for virtually every social media platform.

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