Survey: Chinese people highly welcome digital tech

No other people is more optimistic about the positive impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence on work and life than the Chinese. China’s citizens came first in a survey that ranked 10 countries to assess how successful they are in building a digital economy that works for all. 

73 percent of Chinese believe in the positive impact of digital technology, as well as its ability to create jobs and address societal challenges. Shanghai Daily reports that 65 percent of the Chinese believe that emerging digital technologies such as artificial technology and robotics will create job opportunities over the next five-10 years. 

The joint study (by Dentsu Aegis Network and Oxford Economics) covered 20,000 consumers in Australia, China, US, Russia and European countries. China ranks first for the overall optimism.  

In the digital index of a country’s speed of growth, the breadth or inclusiveness of growth and the overall environment that supports growth, the US and the UK ranked first and second, China was third. 

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