Take the hyperloop to… Tongren

The city of Tongren in China’s remote Guizhou province will host a demonstration project of hyperloop, Elon Musk’s new ultrafast underground railway that travels at speeds of up to 1,220 km per hour (760 mph).

According to the South China Morning Post, California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has signed a deal with the city to develop and build a 10km test track for the high-speed transport system. Hyperloop has closed similar deals with several other countries. Meanwhile, the construction of its first capsules is under way at its innovation centre in France.

The hyperloop concept is a new type of transport system propelling capsules through vacuum-sealed tunnels. The Hyperloop concept is based on magnetic levitation, or maglev, rail lines. According to hyperloop experts, a hyperloop pod (a capsule with people) should be able to reach speeds of over 1,000km per hour – faster than many passenger aircraft – by operating in a vacuum with very little friction.

The Tongren government is reported to contribute 50 per cent of the funding for the new project. The local government has promised to provide land and to obtain all necessary approval for the project.

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