Trend: China’s successful buy their own jewellery

Men in China don’t need to bother buying gold and silver rings, necklaces and other jewellery for their girlfriends and wives. According to the latest trend, China’s affluent, independent women prefer to buy jewellery by themselves. Fashion and jewellery brands are changing their marketing strategies to deal with the trend. 

According to the South China Morning Post, women don’t want their men to buy them jewellery anymore. The report says that local and global brands have already responded to the shift in demand by launching new ranges aimed at the successful female consumer. 

Looking for explanations for the trend, market researchers point to the new-found spending power in the rising middle and upper classes in China. Buying luxury items from their own money is a way to show personal achievement 

According to 2016 research by Platinum Guild International (PGI), 37 per cent of women in China bought jewellery for themselves, while just 30 per cent said they had received jewellery as a gift from their partners. And a report by global diamond company DeBeers Group last year found more and more Chinese people had been buying their own jewellery. These self-purchases” accounted for about a third of all diamond pieces acquiredthe survey found. 

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