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If you are involved in business in or with China, you may be looking for the little gems that become investment opportunities. Or you run a business already, but you need investors to take it to the next level. Are you looking for experts, insights, investors and for great ideas? Club China is the place to be, to read and learn and to share your visions and insights.

Club China is the place to find the missing piece that helps put your future plans together. Expertise, funding, partners, someone with inside knowledge in a region, an industry. Or just the person you were looking for, with invaluable knowledge and experience.

Expand your network

Conducting business between China and the world – and vice versa – requires connecting to investors and people that can handle logistics, finance, permits and dozens of other matters. To connect to people who have been there, who have done exactly that. Club China offers unique ways to connect to experienced Club China members who can help you develop your business. As member profiles are now (new!) based on LinkedIn profiles, it is has become easier than ever to find the right business partner. As a member, your interests and experiences are advertised clearly. Business will find you.

Get all the insights

Club China is a rich source of expert opinions about all aspects of business, from Beijing to Shanghai and from Chengdu to Xiamen. From north to south, from east to west: we cover all corners of the country. Finance and investment opportunities, government issues, rules & regulations and more. Above all: Club China puts entrepreneurs in the spotlight. Their products and services, their inside stories.

Share your story

At Club China we would love to know about your experiences, and our 30,000+ members are keen to learn. So let us know what you have achieved and where you are heading. Share your story with us! There is a solid business reason to share your experiences and insights. Club China is the digital meeting place for business in China – the place to find the missing piece that helps put your future plans together. Expertise, funding, partners, someone with inside knowledge in a region, an industry. Just the person you were looking for. This person may read your story and contact you via Club China.

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Promote your company

As a Club China member you will soon be able to promote your own company by creating a free company profile. With this profile, you can connect to other companies in your industry, both inside and outside China, and find and develop new opportunities for your business.

A travel tool for China – with great benefits

Club China offers great value for money in travelling to China. It is a rich source of travel offers and information from Air France KLM, offering 9 destinations in China, linking China to the Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport hubs. Did you know that Air France KLM and its SkyTeam partners China Southern Airlines and China Cargo Airlines offer 71 weekly connections between Amsterdam and China?

Club China also offers numerous special offers: from Air France KLM’s airline partners to hotels, car rental companies, and more.

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