Smartphone shopping at Frankfurt Airport

8/22/2013 7:06:00 AM

The new shopping experience: virtual shopping for Duty-Free Products

Do you, like many, dread the time spent waiting for boarding your flight? Frankfurt Airport is offering you a solution to make positive use of this time. Go shopping with your Smartphone!

QR shopping wall, Frankfurt airport

Shopping Wall

Imagine standing in front of a billboard designed to resemble shelves in a store, pointing your Smartphone and clicking as if taking photos of your favorite products. Frankfurt Airport is testing this new approach of shopping at gates B5 to B9. Located right next to the gates, the giant floor-to-ceiling virtual shopping billboard displays 60 different perfumes, cosmetic items, spirits, and confectionery products. You can choose from three categories: Bestsellers, New and Special Offers. The Special Offers change each month, just as they do in the shops. They are sold at a 30% discount on Duty Free prices, which themselves represent good value.

Scan, click, buy

To start shopping, all you have to do is scan a product’s QR code with your Smartphone or use the Heinemann Express Shopping app. When you scan a product it automatically details extra information on your Smartphone. By scanning your favorite products, you collect them in a virtual shopping basket. All it takes is a few clicks and the ordered products are conveniently delivered to a pick-up point right next to the QR code wall in less than 15 minutes. You can make a simple card payment when picking up the goods. If you, for whatever reason, board the flight before collecting the pre-ordered goods, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Anyone with a valid boarding pass can shop at Heinemann Duty Free. Every customer pays the same price regardless of the flight being domestic (within Germany), European or long-haul to a distant destination. The only exception to this rule is when purchasing tobacco goods, due to the mandatory duty imposed on these products.

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