Geneva Airport tests luggage collection robot

12/2/2016 12:58:38 PM

Switzerland’s Geneva Airport is testing a luggage robot. Without the help or guidance of humans, luggage robot ‘Leo’ can check-in, print off luggage tags and bring one or two suitcases to a location in the airport terminal. Equipped with obstacle avoidance software, it can easily find its way in a busy airport.

Copybook reports that, when passengers walk up to Terminal 1 of the airport, Leo comes to their aid. After pressing the robot’s Scan&Fly interface its baggage compartment opens up. Passengers put their luggage in and Leo takes care of the baggage handling procedure for them. Having scanned boarding passes, Leo prints off tags for the bags/cases it’s set to carry. Next, the compartment door seals and the robot makes its way off to the airport’s baggage-handling zone. Here, the luggage is loaded onto the right flight by an operator.

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Image by SITA

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