Facebook: growth in Africa, despite issues

8/24/2018 9:46:04 AM

Facebook may be under scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe over collecting data on people, but the social media giant will continue to grow in Africa, AfricanBusinessMagazine predicts.

Facebook is becoming ever more popular on the continent. One in seven Africans use Facebook. Of the 170 million African Facebook users – about 12% of the 1.4bn users globally – 17 million are Nigerians, 16 million are South Africans, and 7 million are Kenyans. 94% of Africans who use Facebook log into their accounts via their mobile devices.

“That number is likely to increase irrespective of whether Facebook spies on them or not”, the report claims. “Even though it is public knowledge that Facebook is facing major inquiries over data protection, there is little chance Africans will delete their Facebook accounts anytime soon.”

The report suggests that African governments should do the same as U.S. and European governments have been doing already: they should begin to look at ways to safeguard the data of their citizens.

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