Facebook’s targeted marketing launches in South Africa & Kenya

Facebook has selected South Africa and Kenya for the Africa launch of Creative Accelerator, Facebook’s targeted marketing, a new programme targeted at helping advertisers reach users in high-growth countries. Creative Accelerator is designed to help brands unlock the power of personal storytelling.

Facebook is working with clients Nestle, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Axe, Virgin Mobile and Lifebuoy in South Africa and Kenya to bring brands’ stories to life.

The social network has a success story in Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy where it partnered with Coca-Cola Kenya’s creative agency, South Africa-based McCann, to create a campaign across all device and connection types in the country.

In a way, the programme seen as very suitable to the sometimes challenging environment of the continent. The programme is takes bandwidth into account when targeting the ads. This way Facebook ensures advertisers only deliver messages to people who are able to receive it.

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Image by Facebook & Coca-Cola

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