Internet strong driver for Africa’s growth

Growing internet access is driving the economic development of Africa. While the penetration is not the same as in developed countries, the mobile and data connectivity revolution is shaping business in Africa. There are business opportunities for enterprises offering internet services as well digital content providers, digital services, online banking and financial services.

In an analysis on, internet access and capacity is strongly associated with growth. “What will help accelerate the growth for both access and capacity is that as countries realize the benefit of increased capacity and access, more and more countries will bring the regulations in place to promote this growth. This will create an increasingly lucrative position for African-based Internet businesses or African businesses with a significant web presence.”

Africa has a total 2015 penetration of 28.6 percent, according to the Internet World Stats, and contains an Internet participation of only 9.8 percent. According to OAfrica, who has sourced the statistics of all the major Internet organizations and authorities, mobile penetration is up to 70 percent.

As access grows, so will the demand for more and more services and this will require expanded capacity and thus there are opportunities for infrastructure suppliers, equipment suppliers and service providers.

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