Johannesburg is Africa’s most youthful city

Johannesburg is the ‘most popular African city’ for young people. South Africa’s business city ranks first in the 2015 YouthfulCities Index that tracks the perceptions of youth on 20 attributes – ranging from creativity, employment, safety and entrepreneurship.

Africa has a young population - 40% of Africa’s working age population is between the age of 15 and 24. Most African young people live in cities. Quartz reports that Johannesburg is popular for many reasons. First, commuting is affordable and efficient in Johannesburg. Getting around in this city is easy, compared to many other African cities, mainly due to the Gautrain – a high-speed train which transports 50,000 people across an 80 kilometre (50 mile) transit line through city.

Furthermore, healthcare and facilities are readily available in Johannesburg. Johannesburg also shows high scores for diversity. Johannesburg not only tops the African cities list for being diverse, but it also has a high global ranking: 10th in the world, out of the 55 countries surveyed. Young people can speak (and vote in) more languages, there are diverse food offerings, and there’s an openness to gender and sexual issues rights.

A positive note on the other African contenders: Lagos is the place to be for entrepreneurs. Numerous business incubators are popping up and registering and running a business is easy in Lagos. Casablanca ranks the highest in access to financial services, safety, affordability and access to employment for young Africans.

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